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We Promote

The Redefined Media brand will handle your campaign and promotion to the best targeted audience. The best way to let your work be seen is by working with us.

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We Put You On The Trend

Everyone is interested in knowing what is trending. And guess what? We’re here to put you on the trend where you become one of the most talked about topics

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Music Promotion

We offer the wide reach with deep analytics when it comes to promotions of songs. Our partnership with renowned music sites is a major key!

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Online Publicity

You want your brand online and you’re confused on how to go about it? Leave that to us at The Redefined Media because that’s why we are here. To give you optimum online publicity.

About The Redefined Media

At The Redefined Media, we let your brand speak
24/7 Publicity is what we offer

The Redefined Media is a social and online media service providing outfit that offers diverse measures in publicity, that focus its services around online promotion, marketing, advertisement, Event planning, development and promotion of audiovisual content.

At Redefined media we are obliged to put the needs of our client first, making sure to maintain a high standard in delivery of our services. We make sure that our clients get value for their money. Our service are tailored to suit the preference of our client at very affordable prices.

We make use of various online, social media and audiovisual platform in promoting our client product, targeting a wide range customer/Audience on daily basis and still maintaining the ethics guiding social media marketing.

Give us a trial let work together in bridging the gap between you and your targeted customers /Audience.


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Braimah Sheriff

Mister Redefined as he’s fondly called by his friends and colleagues, is an Environmentalist, music lover, founder and currently the CEO of The Redefined Media, with over 5 years of hands-on experience as a social-media strategist, music promoter, events and brands publicist.

Omotola Slasha

Business Manger / HR
Omotola ‘Slasha Ayodeji is a human resource management graduate from covenant university who in his early days in school identified his area of strength and ara of intrest being creating ideas that can help and sell brands, marketing and customer relations . His quest for knowledge and self development got him working as an editor at Dynamix magazine after which he got some work experience at Nigezie TV before finally settling at Koga studios where he create and develops tv content and does a little bit of Pr and advertising.

Akeju Hafeez

Social Media Expert
Akeju Hafeez is a social media expert & publicity stunt man at The Redefined Media. Student of Onabisi Onabanjo University (O.O.U), studying public administration. Akeju loves music and he is also a football lover, a die hard Arsenal supporter.

Anny John

Editor @ Redefined Gospel
Anny is a daily devotion/article editor at Redefined Gospel. A goal getter. A multitasker as she likes to call herself – she owns a YouTube channel: Vasatile Anny Inc and she’s vastly experienced event manager and a retired Pop music PR. She has a passion for music and the arts and combines it nicely with her strong business mind.


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